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Katholische Pfarrkirche S. Domenica*

6546 Sta. Domenica
By virtue of its well-balanced proportions, one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Graubünden (Poeschel).

New building 1664-72 by Giovanni Maria (Giovanni Serro?); restoration in 1961-64, exterior in 1996-97.

North facing, longitudinal building with lisenes (pilaster strips) and Diocletian windows; attached to the rectangular choir, a small sacristy – the original choir of the former church consecrated in 1414. Beside the sacristy, the west tower with a Medieval substructure, two Baroque bell storeys and a tent roof; restoration in 1990. In the nave and choir, a groin vault with Diocletian windows in the lunettes. In the choir, polychromatic stuccowork and in the medallions on the ceiling, heavily reworked portrayals of the Evangelists and The Trinity, originally painted around 1676 by Francesco Antonio Giorgioli. On the arched barrel vaults in the chapel niches, extremely compact, exquisite stuccowork from 1674-79 by Giovanni Broggio, partly in collaboration with Giovanni Papa, on the stucco frames images thematically connected to the altar patrons (especially remarkable being those by Giorgioli in the Francis Chapel).

Furnishings: richly carved high altar from 1679 in the form of an aedicule with pairs of knave-shaped atlases; Italian painting with the Trinity from the middle of the 17th century, tabernacle from 1679. Sedile with Capuchin saints painted by Giorgioli. Rectangular pulpit with sounding board from 1677, scale pilasters and relief carvings. In the chapels, on the left: Altar of Sta. Domenica with stucco superstructure and a new figure; in the stucco upper part of the Altar of Saint Peter Martyr, serpent columns and a painting of the titled saint from 1685 by Pietro Ghezzi, as well as Ghezzi’s portrayal of the same saint as a patron. On the right: rosary altar with carved case from around 1675-80; in the Francis Chapel, a stucco altar with polychromatic figure of the titled saint from 1676, Francis renderings from 1681.

In the rear nave bay, a tri-axes column gallery; box organ with rural paintings by Luigi Marelli from 1861/62, restoration in 1965; on the gallery window, a pane fragment with Saints Peter and Domenica from 1680. Wooden-panelled baptismal well with polygonal lid from 1582. Confessional from the 17th century. Numerous paintings from the 17th-18th centuries.

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