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Kapelle Sogn Benedetg*

7175 Sumvitg
Architect/s: Peter Zumthor
In 1984 an avalanche destroyed the medieval chapel of Sogn Benedetg - a small village high above the valley floor. The new chapel stands on its now present location, as is usual in the Surselva, outside of and above the village. In two aspects the new chapel does not adhere to local traditions: it is out of wood and the floor plan is in the shape of a teardrop. The use of wood integrates the sacral building into the rest of the village. The meaning given to the form itself depends on point of view and the ever-changing interpretations of the meaning of form. From below the building is appears to be a tower. It stands, like the fir -trees behind it, over-looking the village and the valley and connects earth and heaven. From above the chapel appears to be a boat, which is casting off for the valley below. When you enter the chapel, you leave firm ground behind you; you set foot onto a platform, which is detached from the walls.; Ssitting in a pew beneath a wooden canopyies, and you begin a silent and contemplative journey.

(Architectural Journal ‘Hochparterre’)

Reto Schaufelbühl, Valentin Bearth

Building Engineer
Jürg Buchli, Haldenstein
Jürg Conzett, Chur

Fundaziun Ecclesiastica Caplutta Sogn Benedetg, c/o Kloster Disentis

Year of Construction


CHF 0,6 million

Zumthor, Peter: Atmosphären. 2006 Clavuot, Conradin: Bauten + Projekte. Skizzenbuch eines Architekten, 2006
Zumthor, Peter: Architektur denken. 2006