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Chesa Merleda*

La Punt | 7522 La Punt-Chamues-ch
East of the Inn.
Built 1642-49 for Captain Ulrich Albertini; renovated around 1800 for the Bishop Johann Baptista von Albertini; remodelled and restored 1999.

Stately structure built on the axial principle with the living space to the west and the hay barn to the east. (The hay barn has since been converted.) Both are under a common saddleback, gable roof with battlements; unusual chimney towers for the area. The floor plan of the living space corresponds to the farm house typology of the region. Above the door arch on the east side is the crest of the builder, 1642.

Outstanding interior decoration. On the ground floor is a vaulted parlour with the coat of arms and family tree of the married couple Johann Baptist Albertini and Lucrezia Planta from around 1730-40. On the upper storey a panelled room from around 1650 with an architectonic organisation and coffer ceiling; next to this is a chamber with a cupboard decorated with intarsia work, dated 1649.

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